Deluxe Weekly Planners with Case
Attractive, discreet way to organize and carry medication. This black case with snap closure holds your medications for one whole week and has four compartments for each day of the week. There is also a clear pocket to hold medication instructions.

The weeks medication consists of 7 individual daily boxes each of which can be removed and carried in a pocket or a purse. 

The compartments are labeled "morning", "noon", "eve", and "bed" for each day of the week. ("Mon. morning", "Mon. noon", etc.) 

There are two sizes available

  • Medium: Each compartment holds approximately 11 regular aspirin tablets, (1" x 0.75" x 0.5" deep). The entire unit when closed is approximately 7.25 inches long, 4.5 inches wide, 1.25 inches thick. ONLY $13.75

  • Large: Each compartment holds approximately 30 regular aspirin tablets, (1" x 1" x 1 1/16" deep). The entire unit when closed is approximately 9.25 inches long, 5.5 inches wide, 1 5/8 inches thick. ONLY $18.25


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