Aluminum Credit Card Wallet


Prevent electronic pickpocketing by blocking personal information being sent by radio waves from your credit cards and other ID cards. New credit cards have embedded RFID data chips which make for quick credit card processing. With an RFID scanner, thieves need only point the scanner at your purse and steal all of your critical information. This is the fastest growing method of identity theft today. This aluminum credit card wallet uses it's ultra thin aluminum case to shield your credit cards from all scanning devices.

Be Organized & Safe! Our aluminum wallet has six expandable pockets which hold up to 8 credit cards or IDs with an easy open/close clasp for instant retrieval. It can also hold a few dollars cash, that along with it's compact size makes it great to just grab and go next time you want to run to the store without your purse - and the aluminum keeps your credit cards secure from electronic pickpocketers!

Compared at $40!
Ours is $9.95
Now just $4.99!

These make a great gift for everyone you want to help protect from electronic pickpocketing!

Watch this video to learn more about electronic pickpocketing.

Sorry, due to popular demand Black is temporarily out of stock.


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