Memogenda - Standard
The Original Daily Organizer
For over 50 years, the Memogenda has used to organize the time. It is a simple proven system that will organize your day, remind you of the tasks you need to complete and you will have permanent written record. The Memogenda is used by all professions, it works for moms organizing a family to professionals organize their careers. The desire to be organized applies to everyone regardless of profession.

• 50 pages
• Embossed leathertex paper cover
• 8 ¼" x 11"
• Wiro binding to lay flat and last for years
• Right hand pages have numbered lines, one for each item
• Left hand pages are for notes and memos
• Not year specific and can be started at any time

$17.00 each
Buy 2 or more and they are only $15.50 each & save on shipping!!

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