Pepper Spray
Be prepared and safe with Sabre Red USA Pepper Spray!

  • Quick release key ring allows immediate access to spray for fast use in any situation.
  • 4 year shelf life!
  • Produces 25 one second bursts that spray an 8 to 10 foot stream pattern.
  • Economy style comes in smaller plastic packaging and that is where you save!
  • Pepper Spray container comes in a Black or Pink Hardcase

Active ingredient is 2% OC measuring .67% Major Capsaicinoids (Red Pepper). SABRE RED USA is a very effective formulation measuring over four (4) times stronger than the OC used by many law enforcement agencies which contains only 0.18% Major Capsaicinoids. Their USA formulation is legal for sale in all fifty (50) states including HI, MI, NY & WI.

Due to state shipping requirements, we cannot ship this product to NY or MA.


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