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PopUp Produce Keeper - Set

Keep Potatoes & Onions fresh for weeks longer!

Patented, breathable, Florite™ fabric scientifically helps Onions and Potatoes last longer.

•    Blocks light
•    Allows air to circulate over produce
•    Special micro-funnels allow moisture to migrate out
•    Keeps onions clean and dry
•    Helps keep onions cool
•    Top zips open for easy access
•    Each Keeper holds 10 lbs
•    Strong carrying handle
•    Folds flat for easy storage

Prevent Spoilage and Waste - Save Money - Buy Potatoes & Onions Bulk!

Produce Keepers pay for themselves in no time at all!

Potatoes and onions should not be stored together, please store each in their corresponding keeper.

$24.95 for the Set

NOW ONLY $9.99 for the Set!

Set includes 1 Onion Keeper and 1 Potato Keeper

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